Friday, May 11, 2007

The Scrabble Tray (also not a cake)

OK, so this is the tray that goes with the cake that goes with the mother's 60th birthday. I bought an unfinished wooden tray at one of those craft store places where the lights are too bright and there are way too many brides-to-be buying bell-shaped votive thingies. Then I ordered 300 spare Scrabble pieces from Amazon (after many ebay attempts failed miserably). Then I glued the Scrabble tiles to the tray. I glued a few of them down too quickly and to pry them off with scissors, which explains the odd scar forming on my finger and the blood on the handle.

Anyway... after some wood glue, and about five coats of water-based varnish, it's shiny and pretty and wonderful and stuff. I spelled out
Happy Birthday Mom
May Twelfth Two Thousand Two
Also the words Queen, Wonderful, Family, Always and maybe some other things inadvertently as well.

The Baby Blanket (not a cake)

So, not a cake, but...

I made this baby blanket for my friend Sirena's baby. I have no idea if they ever used it, but it was a nice gift nonetheless (in my personal opinion). I gave it to them in the hospital where they made me hold the baby, which was somewhat frightening as that it was small and potentially breakable. It's pink, blue and yellow machine-washable baby wool. I can't remember what brand. I mentioned the colors for those of you who are just confused in general.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Scrabble Cake

This cake is for my mother's surprise 60th birthday party. It's a square lemon sheet cake with buttercream frosting. My mom's a bit of a Scrabble junkie and for her present we bought her a bunch of Scrabble-oriented stuff, so the cake, of course, had to match.

The Kermit Cake

OK, this is probably the best cake I've made so far (except for maybe the Scrabble cake). I made it for my brother and his fiancee. They have a bit of a Muppet obsession, so it seemed appropriate for their engagement party. There were Muppet themed drinks to match (of course). It was a yellow cake with chocolate mousse filling and buttercream frosting. Kermit is on the top there (in case you don't know what a muppet is) and there are reeds and dragonflies on the sides to give it a swamp-y feel.

The Valentine's Cake

This was a cake for a Valentine's Day part (hence the name of the post). It's chocolate frosting with buttercream details. All the pictures are on the blue rubbermaid cake transporter thing, so ignore the ugly.

The Basket Cake

This cake was the final project for a cake decorating class I took. It has a basket weave, roses, scroll work and flowers. Just don't look too close...

The First Cake

I made this cake a few years ago for my grandmother's 85 birthday. It's decorated with real flowers and way too much detail. I've been trying to learn my lesson about over decorating since...

My Cake Page

So, here's the deal. I make these cakes. I'm not sure I do a very good job at it, but people seem impressed and I like the compliments. So, here are the cakes. Oh and there's some other stuff too, crafty stuff. This is kind of like my showcase blog. Woo hoo!