Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Cupcake Cones

It turns out you can bake cakes in ice cream cones and they grow into little cupcake cones in the over. We did these for the Fourth of July party and then used a 1M tip to make them look like soft serve cones. Check out the beautiful models in the last picture.

The Eyeball Cake

Here's the story on this one: Every year my mother has a party on the Fourth of July at my parents' house on Cape Cod. It turns out that one of their friend's birthday is on the Fourth, so we wanted to make him a cake. He's an optometrist, which explains the clever eyeball theme, we're not just weird.

The Inflatable Walker

OK, well quite evidently I did not make this amusing inflatable walker, but it is funny enough that I decided to put the pictures up anyway. My father, who complains almost constantly of being old and decrepid, recently turned 63 and this was my gift to him. I got it online at one of these websites. It was quite a hit.

Sorry about the lopsided picture, my computer and I are having a disagreement. Hopefully I'll have it straightned out soon.