Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Dreidel Cake

This is the Dreidel Cake I made for the family Chanukah party last weekend. I made it in the shape of a dreidel and put a gimmel on it. Dreidels are four-sided tops. Each side has a Hebrew letter on it and each letter means you have to do something. Gimmel is the best one because it means you get all the gelt in the pot. Nun means you get none, Shin you have to put one in and Hay you get half. Dreidel is really just how we teach our young to gamble at an early age. You can check out the high stakes driedel room if we ever open our Jewish gaming casino "The Ch'ai Life" on the strip.

1 comment:

  1. Nifty!
    Granted, I was half hoping it'd be a full 3D dreidel cake, but then, I'd have been somewhat amazed if such a thing had actually held together. It's just not a good shape for a cake, with its structural integrity bein what it is. ^_~