Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Necklace (not a cake)

My grandmother turns 90 this year (today actually) and as that that is quite an accomplishment, we are doing quite a bit to celebrate. There's a barbeque and a tea with Mother's Day shoved in the middle. We also needed to figure out a gift. What do you get for a 90 year old woman who lives alone in a one-bedroom condo in an assisted living community where she never has to cook her herself? Jewelry!

I came up with this idea to make her a necklace with a bead for each member of our family that somehow represented them. I sent out an email requesting bead preferences from my family members and they actually responded (we're not a big responding family).

So here is the necklace:

The beads starting with the top left: Niece Maggie, brother Josh, nephew Bryce, cousin Mechita, uncle Rick, aunt Marla, grandfather Ezra, grandmother Sonia, mother Linda, father Dan, me, sister-in-law Holly, brother Dave, the last is a clear glass bead that represents whatever other little people are someday added to the family.

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