Monday, June 22, 2009

The Fake Wedding Cake

Oh where to begin...

My friend Marcy got married this past weekend and a few months ago, I made the mistake of forcing her and her fiance to look at the pictures of the wedding cake I made last summer. At the time, I was taking pictures of the two of them sitting on a table to send to her cousin who was going to make them a wedding cake topper. About a month after that, she contacted me asking if I would make some sort of display cake for them to put the topper on. Havoc ensued and involved a bunch of back and forth about what the display cake I would be making should be made out of, how big it should be, etc. We finally agreed on sterefoam and all was well. About a month after that, Marcy and I met for dinner and she gave me the much anticipated cake topper. It was quite a masterpiece and she imparted it to me with threats of ending our 28 year friendship should anything happen to it. At this point she also mentioned to me that I wanted to make her a real cake as well, that it would "definitely get eaten." Her cousin had not only created this topper, but attached it to a whole sterefoam cylinder display. It took a little bit of creative thinking, some brute force and some praying, but we finally got it off the display. Once we got it off the display, the idea of putting the little bride and her tulle wedding gown into a pile of a buttercream. This brought about my first foray into the world of fondant. It took both my parents, satin ribbon, coconut frosting, framer's mat and some wood glue, but eventually the creation took form.

The bottom cake is sterefoam and the top is lemon cake with coconut frosting. Both are covered in Wilton Fondant, which is way too much fun to play with and way too disgusting to eat. The top cake is now in my freezer awaiting their anniversary and the bottom is in a dumpster somewhere in New Hampshire. My life is full of adventures :-)

By the way, I made the coconut frosting to go with some lime cupcakes I had made for a party and forgot to take pictures of, but they were gooooood.

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