Monday, August 3, 2009

The Hendrick's Cake

My friend Rob and I share a natural affinity for a certain gin called Hendrick's. Actually, it's made me pretty snobby and now it's the only gin I'll drink. It's cucumber-y and full of goodness.

Anyway, it was his birthday and as I might have stated before, schoolteachers can have a little time on their hands in the summer, so I made him a cake that looked like a Hendrick's bottle. I wasn't super enthusiastic with the way it turned out, but I, like most other crafty-people, am never satisfied with my results. That and I had no #2 tip so my writing and detailing all had to come out the same.

For the record, I couldn't think of a good way to make it an actual Hendrick's-flavored cake. This was partially because Rob's wife is pregnant and that seemed mean, partially because there are lots of extremely uncultured people out there who don't like gin and partially because combining gin with powdered sugar and butter just sounded plain disgusting (as opposed to tequila, with which it matches nicely).


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