Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hometown stop: Go Bruins!

I decided to make a quick stop in the city that is nearest and dearest to my heart (and physical location), good old Boston, and make some cookies to support the Bruins' run for the cup tonight.  I figured a few Bruins cookies would be sure to set them in the right direction, and lessen the mood of high stress-crazy children at work in these last few days of the school year.

I also thought I'd take the easy way out by using slice-and-bake sugar cookies for some of them.  For the rest, I wanted to make the chocolate cookies from the dirt cake because they were way too good to just use for crumbling.

I made icing with my very specific recipe for decorator's frosting: 2lbs confectioners sugar, 2 sticks of butter, and enough milk and vanilla to get it to the consistency you want it at.  I also picked up some "electric yellow" and "super black" gel icing color, and a sparkly gel icing pen.  I frosted some of the cookies with the pen and then, for fear that they wouldn't ever dry (does corn syrup mixed with sugar and fructose actually dry?), so I switched to regular icing.  The pen ones did come out prettier though.

All of the cookies came out well because, well, one set came out of a tube, and the other's are just yummy.  I left out one egg yolk because I ran out of eggs, and cooked them at a higher temp than called for, because my oven doesn't stay lit at 300, so they came out somewhat cakier than they had before, but they were delightful.  Someone at work described them as a mix between a cookie and a brownie and coined the term, "brookie."  This was after figuring out that "cownie" didn't sound quite right.

I have not being doing a lot of detailed decorating recently and I think I had forgotten what it was like.  I had forgotten about being extremely covered in icing that feels like pure grease and looks like egg yolks when you don't boil them quite long enough.  I had also forgotten how long it takes to decorate 32 cookies, how much clean up there is and what happens to your back when you stand for 3 hours to painstakingly put a Boston Bruins logo on to every cookie using multiple colors and tips.

Yes, I am complaining.  It was worth it this morning because everyone at work was really happy.  We will see if my good mojo worked in a few hours.

I am not overwhelmingly pleased with the actual detail work, but then, when am I ever pleased with what I create?  I always have images of grandeur in my head and think I'll be able to create them with little training, little practice and icing that isn't quite soft enough.  Oh well.

Close up of one with the gel pen.

These are the ones with the regular icing.  They look better in the picture.
Decorated with the gel pen.

Go Bs!

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  1. That there's a championship run of icing. Time for a sugar riot!