Monday, July 18, 2011

Stop 22: Colorado Apple-Banana-Walnut Nugget Cake

We had a potluck brunch on the last day of school.  I organized it and subsequently threw my back out at some point during the preparations.  I also promised all of my colleagues many more potluck-esq types of events in the future, but as that I am now planning my big escape to Belgium or Paris or somewhere in the middle, who knows how inspired I'll be to get people to bake.  On that note, does anyone want to pay me a bunch of money to go to Paris for a year and just kind of hang out?  I have been looking at jobs there and I think that that would be a far superior alternative.  Let me know...

Anyway, we had a potluck and it seemed like the perfect time to make a cake that I had no interest in eating.  This pretty much means either something with peaches or something with bananas.  I chose a banana recipe.

The Apple-Banana-Walnut Nugget Cake was created to honor Colorado because of Brown's association between a trip he took to Colorado as a child when he was shocked by all the small "nuggets" of rock were there (he was expecting large boulders and that's it) and Colorado's history relating to the gold rush. He chose apples, bananas and walnuts because they were good for holding the soft cake together.

I should acknowledge at this point that I don't have any pictures of this cake.  I forgot to take them before and then I went home all whimpery-like because of my back and forgot to take them half way eaten as well.  If you don't want to read anymore without the promise of visual stimulation, I completely understand.

The cake itself consisted of the normal cake ingredients plus some sour cream, heavy cream and brandy. There were also four eggs and three egg yolks thrown in for good measure and a bit of cholesterol.  The recipe called to leave all the fruit pieces pretty chunky, as to make it nugget-y.  Then you put on not one, not two, but three glazes.  First white - powdered sugar and milk, then tan - the white one mixed with some melted chocolate, then brown - just melted chocolate.  It truly was a sight to behold.  I was also told that it tasted good.  All I can tell you from personal experience is that I'm even more repulsed by the scent of baking bananas than I am of raw ones...

Next Stop: St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake.  I had a packaged one at a wedding and I want to see how it compares!

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