Monday, May 19, 2008

The "Too-Many-Birthdays-in-May" Cake

In some sort of evil plot by the gods, pretty much every female I'm related to has a birthday on the days surrounding Mother's Day. My grandmother is May 9th, my sister in law on May 11th and my mother on May 12th. I figure my other brother is only allowed to get married if he finds a woman born on May 10th.

Because of this slightly unnatural phenomenon, I threw a Mother's Day/Birthday luncheon for my 12 closest friends and family members (there were 11 family members and one friend, which doesn't say too much for my social life). I made a coconut cake using the same Paula Dean recipe I used before, but just used coconut milk and no shredded coconut (which made the cake super moist, but not really coconut-y) and frosted it with the most amazing semi-solid marshmallow frosting stuff in the entire world and then decorated it with mini chocolate curls. I decided simple was better and stuck with the single flower.

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