Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Valentine's Cheesecake Fiasco (?)

A friend is having a Valentine's Day party this year for some of her single friends (and potentially the two guys we met at the bar last night, which could make things very interesting). I saw this recipe for white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and thought I'd make it to bring. I actually read the recipe in advance this time, so I was ready for the overnight setting in the fridge part. My problem was that I only had a round springform pan and I really wanted to make it cute and heart shaped. I had the option of going and buying a large heart shaped pan, or four small ones (which would have been even cuter). The problem is that I'm really cheap and I knew that if I dished out the cash for the new pan, everything I made in the future that called for a springform would end up being heart shaped. After some research and thinking during work, and a conversation with my brother (who is the expert in these areas), we decided that I could make a large round cake and then use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make cute little heart cupcake-esq cheesecake treats.

The theory was good, and they even turned out alright (pics are below). What I discovered though, is that I have no idea how cheesecakes work and I was so out of my element that I was forced to follow the recipe to a t and was very nervous about the whole thing. I have where I am convinced that recipes as people trying to limit me and tell me what to do and therefore, I constantly want to adjust and add things to make it my own. (Recipes: just another example of the man holding us down.) This is a lot easier in cooking where everything usually turns out alright no matter what you do, but in baking, well, let's just say that I have put cinnamon in things that were never meant to have cinnamon in them. Anyway, I followed this recipe exactly and even though I wasn't super convinced about baking anything without flour and baking soda, it seems to have turned out alright. At least there were eggs. I am familiar with eggs.

Completely done baking. Do you see my skepticism now? Are the eggs even un-poisonous yet?
Chilled overnight, goo'd up and ready to chill again.
Cheesecake Hearts! I got 10 "good" ones and one poor, unfortunate, lopsided guy in the corner.
The downside of doing it this way was the wasted scraps. Wait, did I say wasted? They were certainly not wasted, but it might be good that I joined the gym this weel.

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