Thursday, October 13, 2011

The New Cookbook

I have a confession to make.

I am cheating on Warren Brown (United Cakes of America).

I am cheating on Warren with Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.  They are the owners of Baked bakery in Brooklyn, and the author's of the cookbook Baked: new frontiers in baking.  Their cookbook is spectacular.  I learned about this cookbook from Edd Kimber's website.  He is the Boy Who Bakes and has his own cookbook coming out soon.  I got the recipe for Zivah's Grasshopper Cake from his website and discovered the other day that that recipe, among many others, actually came out of this book.  So, I stopped at my local, neighborhood independent bookstore on my way home from work (yay, indie bookstores!) and picked up a copy.  It is amazing.

Let me just list some of the recipes that are in this book:
sweet and salty cake and peanut butter pie, which I've now made.
Also, chipotle cheddar biscuits, pumpkin chocolate chip loaf, homemade granola, red hot red velvet cake (with cinnamon buttercream), lemon drop cake, coconut snowball cupcakes (coconut!!), ROOT BEER bundt cake, bourbon chocolate pecan pie, butterscotch pudding tarts, brownies (that are award-winning), shortbread, blondies with beer in them, monster cookies (with everything in them), and that's not even half the stuff!  Seriously, this cookbook is like a salivation monster.  And I don't even like sweets.

They also give adorable little suggestions, like about how to store stuff and easy decorations.  The pictures are gorgeous and the end papers are downright outstanding.
endpapers - it's deer!

I have only made two of the recipes from this book, but I am completely enamored.  I might even go to Brooklyn to see the bakery.  OK, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Well done, Misters Lewis and Poliafito, well done indeed.

Posts and pics from the Sweet and Salty cake and Peanut Butter Pie are coming up next.

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