Monday, October 10, 2011

Stop 26: Hummingbird Cake

About a week after making the Cassata cake, my mother had a dinner party to go to for which she wanted to bring dessert.  She had some old bananas she wanted to use, and since I don't like bananas, and I wasn't going to this party, it seemed like a pretty good time to make one of the banana recipes from the book.  We decided to make the Hummingbird Cake from, well, to be honest, I can't remember which state it was, and I can't find the book.  I want to say it was South Carolina.

The hummingbird cake, which, by the way, has no given explanation for its name anywhere, except that it's super sweet, like the nectar a hummingbird drinks, was chock full of fruit.  It called for pineapple and bananas, as well as pecans.  A traditional hummingbird cake recipe calls for drained pineapple, but Brown switched his up to use dried pineapple.  I'm not really sure why, but dried pineapple is yummy.

This was another three-layer cake and it came together nicely.  The recipe called for a cream cheese frosting, and like many of the other icings I made over the summer, it didn't congeal quite the way we might have wanted it to.  It was a pretty hot, sticky summer, so that was probably weather-related.

I did not actually try this cake (because of it's banana-ness), but I was told it was good.  And very, very sweet.

I also have no pictures of it because I am currently failing miserably as a blogger.

Next Stop: Florida Key Lime Pie

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