Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Cookie Boxes

Secret Non-Denominational Holiday Gift Exchange+Holiday Gifts for the lady who got the driveway at the Cape house plowed+Blizzard=COOKIE BOXES!!!!

Both my mother and I needed a multitude of gifts including cookies so we used the absurd amount of snow that was dumped on New England last weekend as an excuse to bake.
We made:

Gingersnap Stars

Chocolate Cherry Coridals and Chai Snickerdoodles
Lime Curd Bars
Earl Grey Tea Cookies
Fruit and Spice Cake
Labels for individual cookie bags
Boxes (leftover from the out-of-town gift boxes from my brother's wedding last year)
Filled with tissue and cookies
Closed up and ready to be gifted!


  1. Hey, Mishloach Manot!

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