Friday, November 6, 2009

The Iceberg Cake

While creating the disasterous penguin cupcakes, I also took it upon myself to make a birthday cake for the nephew in questions, since I was going to see him that night, but not at his party. Sticking with the penguin theme, I had purchased some chocolate penguins from Burdick a few nights before and planned on putting them on a cake that looked like the ocean, sitting on some icebergs. The whole thing came off pretty much as planned, though I would have preferred the water to have more diversity of color and to be so teal. I also had to ditch the original plan of creating some sort of marshmallow iceberg after both my father and made numerous sticky attempts before remembering that there's a reason we're not structural engineers. The chocolate penguins were tasty (though maybe not enough so for what they cost...).

After all this, I think next year I'm buying the kid a pizza.

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