Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Mini Strombolis

Sometime over the past two weeks, I have decided that things made with pizza dough are healthy, as long as I put vegetables in them somewhere.  Therefore, I made stromboli again for dinner last night.  This time I decided to make small, individual sized ones.  I figure I really like the dough part the best, so I might as well work with what I like.

I made the same tomato-artichoke sauce as when I made the other stromboli, but this time I used a can of chipotle fire-roasted tomatoes.  They're extra smokey and delicious.

I sauteed onions, peppers and fennel, for some extra healthiness (?).


Some mushrooms...

and put it all together with mozzarella and shredded fontinella. 

I definitely overstuffed them, but I got four out of one chunk of dough.

I think they look a little bit like dead body parts here, once they've been baked.  I seem to have stretched the dough a little thin and not baked them long enough.  I've also been watching a lot of TV shows involving dead body parts, which might explain it as well.

Quite tasty and should keep me in stromboli all week!

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