Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Bucket Cake

I finally made the bucket cake.  I had seen this cake numerous times in different posts and on blogs and it looked awesome.  And easy.  So I thought I'd give it a try for a party some friends were having.  It was an end of summer/birthday, basically, the perfect excuse for a cake that looks for a bucket filled with M&Ms.

So I made it and it turned out alright, but in all honesty, it was kind of a pain in the butt.  It was a pain to put together and an even bigger pain to cut.  Nobody on the blog posts I had read mentioned that it is almost impossible to cut through M&Ms that had been glued into place with icing and then put in a refrigerator for two days.  Although it looked great in the end, and numerous people actually attempted to put their hands in it to reach for candy, I am not sure I would do it again for the pure pain-in-the-butt factor...

I will openly admit that I made these cakes from a mix.  Duncan Hines and I have had some nice times together, and I didn't see any reason to break that up now.  

I also made two cakes with the full intention of taking them to two different parties.  I didn't make it to one party and that cake is now in my freezer where it will probably remain for the next six months when I remember it's in there and throw it away.

I did make the frosting from scratch (regular decorator's buttercream - powdered sugar, butter, vanilla...), but obviously bought the candy. 
Here it is in all it's glory,  I think it looked better in person.  I found the best way to do it was actually to ice the top and shove the M&Ms in first.  I started by dumping a bunch on an pressing them in and the used more to fill in the white spots.  It might have worked better if I had started with colored icing, maybe brown.  Then, breaking the Kit-Kat bars into twos, I spread frosting on the bottom and pressed it to the side of the cake.  This also worked better than putting the frosting on the cake and pushing the Kit-Kats on.  The frosting dried to fast.  

Although I'm not typically a fan, I might even say canned frosting would work well for this.  It would have been slimier than what I made and might have held everything in place better.  Maybe the chocolate fudge in a can...

Regardless of my personal issues with the cake, it looked fun and tasted sugary-delicious and people enjoyed it in a "diabetic-coma-inducing" kind of way.


  1. This cake looks delicious...I want some right now..

  2. When are you bringing the other cake over? Erev Rosh Hashannah?

  3. Don't leave that in your freezer to waste away - I'll eat it!! :-)