Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Clafouti

This year I was invited to a Valentine's Day party and asked to bring a French-themed dessert. Rather than just going to the Parisian bakery that's down the street from my house and buying something authentic like a normal person, I decided to make a clafouti (which sounds middle eastern, but surprise- isn't!).

I made a cherry one using the Julia Child recipe. It was during this endeavor that I discovered my oven does this fun thing sometimes where it shuts itself off when you thinking it's cooking away. I also discovered that tart pans with removable bottoms are not so good for liquids. Live and learn.

Oh, and nobody at the party ate the thing, but I brought it home and it was incredible.

Here's the recipe (I used frozen cherries and it turned out fine).

And the pictures:

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