Monday, June 7, 2010

The Patio Garden

I live in a lovely little condo right outside Boston (that has recently been industrialized).  The condo itself doesn't have the greatest layout (kitchen's too small, bedroom's too big), but it does open out onto a nice little patio, or terrace, I guess, since I live on the "Terrace" level.  It's an end unit, so I get to claim a little bit more of the terrace area than people who live in the middle, so right outside my back door, I have two chairs and a little table and it's a nice place to sit and read a book and watch the T go by, or sit and drink a beer with friends on a warm evening.

When I first moved in, people who lived in the building had become used to walking by my door and shortcutting down the landscaped hill to the walkway (which is about three feet below).  I didn't like this and the landscapers didn't like this.  So, to combat it, I got three terracotta rectangular planters and put them in a way that blocked the side so people couldn't climb and and down the side easily anymore.  This worked for all except my male friends who seem to get some sort of pleasure out of climbing up the side that I think relates back being 5 years old and playing in the dirt.

Anyway, this past weekend (this has become the longest story ever, sorry), I went to a farmer's market that lacked things from farms in general, but had a booth of organically grown starter plants and herbs and stuff, so I bought some and did my planting yesterday.

I discovered that I would probably enjoy gardening quite a bit as a hobby if it were not for my extreme aversion to bugs and dirt.  Besides that, totally dug it (HA!)

I planted what is either parsley or cilantro in one with bergamot.  Bergamot, according to this totally unsubstantiated website, I should be able to use to heal mild injuries and to drink.  I don't really know what it is, but it's the stuff in Earl Grey tea and I like Earl Grey tea. 

The other two planters have tomatoes and basil.  One has yellow tomatoes and regular basil and the other has red tomatoes and something called, "Magic Thai" basil.  I'm excited for that one.

I alternated the herbs and tomatoes with marigolds because marigolds are supposed to keep bad bugs and small critters away from gardens.

Now I just have to wait a month or two and I'll have lots of fun new fresh-herb recipes to post!

Update:  I actually planted and photographed a few weeks ago, but was too lazy to upload the pictures.  In the meantime, the Bergamot has TAKEN OFF.  I still have no idea what to do with it, but it's becoming enormous. 

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