Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Chocolate Caramel Brownies - Finally

Although last week's chocolate caramel brownies turned into a bit of a gooey mess, they were thoroughly enjoyed by my bbq guests last weekend when smushed into a bowl and covered by ice cream.

I tried them again last night, this time cooking the brownies completely and then, right when they came out of the oven, shoving the rolos into them. That way the rolos melted enough, but didn't take over the consistency.  And they look and taste GOOD.  I barely made it down to the main office (which is literally downstairs) just now with any left on the plate, they were snagged by hungry, angry-over-MCAS teachers on the way.

Below are pictures of the process, the mess and the success.

Ingredients ready to go (I'm not sure why I decided the oil needed to be shown...)

Brownie batter in mini cups ready to be baked

After being removed from the oven  the first time and having the rolos stuck in.

What it looked like after I gave up on getting them out in cup form and shoved them into a pan
Then scooped into a bowl with ice cream and a rolo
Finally, the remake.  This time the brownies were completely cooked first and then the rolos were put in.

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