Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Chocolate Caramel Disaster

I would like to start off this post by saying that patience is a virtue, and I hate Lost.

Lost first.

I don't understand why the Lost writers don't get that this entire season is supposed to be about explaining everything that happened in the seasons before.  Instead, they are not doing that.  The only thing I have learned is that the smoke monster is the SUCKIEST explanation of what the smoke monster could possibly be.  I skipped an entire episode last week because I saw on Hulu that it was about Benjamin Linus.  Just skipped it, didn't look back.  And now, NOW I am willing to blame the entire fiasco that was chocolate caramel creation night because I attempted to make my creation while watching Sawyer be annoying and Claire be creepy.  And lots of random new people who SHOULDN'T BE INTRODUCED IN THE LAST SEASON.  Honestly, I think the only thing good about this show is that it taught me that penultimate means last but one.  I'm getting more of a vocabulary lesson than entertainment.  Stupid TV.

Back to the point...

Patience is a virtue, and unfortunately, it is a virtue that I don't so much have.

I began my chocolate caramel creation night well.  I found a recipe for mini brownies on the internet, I got the oven to turn on and stay on (my oven is almost as bad as Lost).  I ignored the fact that it is now so hot in my apartment that the Rolos were melting in their packaging.  I mixed up the brownies, put them in the oven, baked them for about 10 minutes, pulled them out and popped a slightly melty Rolo into each one.  Then all hell broke loose.

First, the oven turned itself off.  This is not an uncommon occurrence with my oven, but it is one that I recommend avoiding.  I got the oven back on and decided the brownie bites needed to cook some more, they went into the oven, came out, went in, it was a dance.  Then I took them out and UNABLE TO WAIT FOR THE TO COOL, I decided to remove them from the pan.  That didn't work.  So, I left them alone for a few minutes while doing the dished (while leaving Lost running because honestly, who cares?), and then tried again.  At this point, I realized that unless I really was willing to give the whole thing up and make a messy trifle, I should leave it alone.  So I took a shower.  Stupid patience.

Patience is overrated.  They were messy, so I smushed them all into a square pan.  We'll see how they look in the morning.  I'll post pictures then either way...

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