Monday, March 8, 2010

The Spring Salad

It's been over 50 degrees for three days in Massachusetts in March, which is an uncommon and joyful occurrence.  I am celebrating by making a spring-inspired bean salad.

I found a recipe I liked last year and am basing this salad off of that one.  I should really say I found a recipe I liked the idea of, because what I made and what they made were never actually all that similar.  The blogger used spring colors to inspire her salad though and I like that idea, so I did (and am again doing) the same thing.  I chose edamame (green), black beans (black), corn (yellow), red pepper (red), red onion (purplish), and chickpeas (white).  I'm going to toss it all with a honey lime dressing I found on Tastespotting (shocking, I know).  I haven't made the dressing recipe before and imagine it will end up with significantly more chili powder and cumin than called for.

I also thought I'd throw some salmon on top for extra protein (and color).  I typically pan sear my salmon, I like it with a bit of a crispy edge. Luckily this is a salad that can be eaten cold as leftovers because I am not a fan of reheating fish in the microwave at work.  At least, I'm not a fan of when other people do it, so I try to stay away from being "that guy."

Let's take a moment and check out these super cute bowls my friend Anne got me from Sur la Table.  They go perfectly with the multi-shade green kitchen thing I've got going on.
 I didn't have any cilantro, so I decided I need something else, so I mixed up half an avacado with some Greek yogurt.  It was AMAZING.

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